15 things to stop doing Now.

15STOP1. Stop saying “No” to trying new things.
2. Stop complaining about your life 24\7 some people are worse off.
3. Stop running from your problems.
4. Stop spending time with people you don’t care about.
5. Stop waiting for your dream to come to you and go chase them.
6. Stop trying to change yourself for someone else.
7. Stop looking at the past as an excuse.
8. Stop being sacred of having fun. ( Overly stressed out college seniors, it your last year before the “real world” make the most out of it)
9. Stop being passive and start being active.
10. Stop thinking you are not worth it.
11. Stop crying for someone that never cared about you.
12. Stop getting sucked into stupid drama.
13. Stop comparing yourself to other people.
14. Stop lying about your feelings.
15. Stop trying to be the perfect person.


Thank you for reading

Xoxo Oby Grace



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