Let’s Be Still

Let’s Be Still

Halloween is the one day in a year,  when you can dress up in costume and pretend to be someone else and no one can say anything about it.   As I  get older, Halloween has turned into  what kind of costume can I make with the clothes in my closet.  However I love seeing all the creative costume my friends can come with!

P.S. What is everyone dressing up as for Halloween?!


 You guys remember Ian from  Smoking a Post It ,  after “re-creating” the Panic at the Disco poster. I wanted to recreate another poster and he was happy to oblige.   Due to  his work with NC Triangle Music, he has lot of posters to give to students. When I saw The Head and the Heart poster I loved it.   The Head and the Heart is a perfect soundtrack for Autumn Weather.  If you have never heard of them check out their music you might like it.  We convinced our friend Sammi to help with the shoot and I think the two did an amazing job being models.
PicMonkey Collage

IAN 1 IAN 3 IMG_7208 SAMMI 1

SAMMI 2 SAMMI 4 LOG 2 IMG_7237_2

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