Adventures in Venice Beach pt 1


Happy Sunday!

On my first weekend in Los Angeles we decide to  explore Venice beach.   We walked the whole strip and saw a lot of interesting characters, shops and Tom Felton. As a huge potterhead, I was very glad that I didn’t freak out when I saw him riding his segway on the strip.

One the best things we saw was a group of street dancers putting on a show and we decided to watch,  they were fantastic. Their body moved in ways I didn’t think was possible for humans to do.

Veince 6

Venice 5

Venice 4

I was dragged into their final performance which entailed one of the dancers jumping over five members of the audience. Venice3


  Yes I am in fact wearing my regular glasses under my sunglasses I was too lazy to put in contacts that morning. oops
Venice 8

Venice 7

This was a perfect welcome to Los Angeles.

I  have  been in LA for  2 weeks so far and I loving it! Exploring the city and getting to know my new home. Any suggestion on places I should go/eat/see?




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