Are you a Photographer, writer or designer  and don’t want to start your own blog? Or are not ready to start one yet but want a place to share your opinions? Even if you have your own blog, but want to reach new audiences?  Why not collaborate with Only Be You.  Last year Only Be You  collaborated with talented writers, photographers and models and would like to continue that practice into 2014. Help us showcase more talent this year by submitting your work :).

Some of the pieces that have been on the blog:

A Traveler’s Story By Isaac Marsh
Exposed By Angi Wang
Long Distance Relationship By Ali G
Fashion Police By Paola Carminelli
Continua SonriendoBy Paola Carminelli
Confession of a bad date By Elena Sanchez
Aim not to be a Zuckerberg But to be Successful By Elston Baretto
It isn’t always nice to be nice By Ginni Jones

Some of the Photo journals that has been on the blog :

Fashion Rock and Roll By Lauren Winn
Gimghoul Castle by Anwuli Chukwurah

How to submit?

1. Send an email to with your idea and we can go from there


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